George Nobechi
野辺地 ジョージ
George Nobechi Profile Picture
Photo Credit: Kate Breakey

George Nobechi is a Tokyo-born, Japanese/Canadian photographer. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Arts (Honors) in History/International Relations, which has fostered an interest in life in different regions of the world. When he was 19 his father suddenly passed away, changing the course of his life and informing his future work; he left Vancouver and supported himself and his family with a 14-year career in the business world in Tokyo and New York. In 2008 he embarked on a solo journey around the world through 14 countries on six continents; his quest was to find peace with the death of his father. It was at this time that his interest in photography began.

In 2015, Nobechi decided to leave his career and studied photography under National Geographic icon Sam Abell. With Abell's mentorship, Nobechi worked with numerous artists at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops and established their first Japan expeditions. Since then he has continued to journey freely, but with purpose, making new work centered around quiet moments that are inspired by his longing to re-connect with life in the wake of his father's death.

In 2016, Nobechi received numerous awards for his work, which was selected to international group shows in Texas, Vermont, Pennsylvania, and Oregon. He also enjoyed some major breakthroughs in winning a Gold Prize in the Tokyo International Foto Awards and being named a finalist in Photo Lucida's "Critical Mass." Nobechi now splits his time between the expansive desert landscape of southern Arizona and the quiet countryside of Japan.

Archival pigment prints will soon be available in various sizes. Please inquire at [email protected]

野辺地 ジョージ
ジョージは、11歳まで東京の西町インターナショナル スクールで学び、カナダへ移った後、ブリテイッシュ コロンビア大学で歴史と国際関係を専攻しHonor's
Degree で卒業。
2015年春、アメリカ・ニューメキシコ州サンタフェのSanta Fe Photographic Workshops
にてフォトグラフィ界のレジェンドの一人であるサム エイブルにフォトグラフィを学び、それを機に以前から関心のあったフォトグラフィの世界に入る。
同年夏、Santa Fe Photographic Workshops にてインターンとなり、同年秋
2016年2月、著名なフォトグラファーである Arthur Meyerson と共に企画・率いた「冬の光の日本」の旅は、大成功をおさめた。